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But a new, young president and his plans to use the Net to generate revenue and trim costs has Wall Street eyeing GM with new respect. GM plans to use the Net to save $1 billion in purchase orders and keep revenue rolling in on new cars with its high-tech OnStar navigation system. And where GM goes, others will follow, including Ford and DaimlerChrysler. — Forbes Put your money on Matchbox, not gizmos There's one high-tech sector to be avoided like the plague. Toy manufacturers have discovered the hard way that simple is still better — those who have classic brand names like Monopoly, Crayola crayons, and Play Doh are the ones enjoying success, even in the new high-tech era.

The next such historic winning bet could be Transmeta's Crusoe, a microprocessor for portable computing devices. Handhelds and cell phones are considered the next big hardware wave, but they won't go anywhere without a standard platform, which Transmeta believes it can develop. — Red Herring These brokers let individual investors in on IPOs Most brokers require huge balances—$100,000 or more—for investors to get IPO shares on release day at the offering price. com). Dutch auctions and lottery systems are among the methods used to allocate the shares, and you don't have to be Warren Buffett to be eligible.

With MAP100, you can keep your 401(k) savings intact and save yourself the worry of a loan coming due if you lose or switch your job. — Kiplinger’s Personal Finance 37 Alpine annuities offer safe tax haven If you want tax-free savings, which are paid out in installments after retirement and taxed as income at post-retirement bracket levels, try an annuity. S. annuities—all with a lower default risk. com. — Online Investor Investors: Avoid making the most common tax goof Even the most savvy investors suffer from amnesia of sorts.

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