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C. the spring safety pin was invented, probably in the area between Lake Garda and the Austrian Alps. Termed a “fibula” by modern archaeologists from its Latin name, the pin was henceforth used throughout antiquity to fasten at the shoulder or chest a garment wrapped about the body. Fibulae are therefore often found in graves, and the changing decorative style of their catch-plates provides archaeologists with valuable information for dating and concerning possible artistic influence. , bronze gradually drove out flint as the primary material used for making tools, utensils, and weapons.

Linguistic map of Italy c. C. , the inhabitants of the western and central districts of the Po Valley were Celtic in speech, although Ligurian, Lepontic, and Raetic, which are not well understood due to the paucity of surviving evidence, continued to be spoken by peoples dwelling in and along 12 italy in prehistory the Alps. The inhabitants of Latium, including the Romans, spoke Latin. The various peoples dwelling in the Apennine Mountains of peninsular Italy spoke one of several languages belonging to the Sabellian subgroup within Italic.

Cultural and technological advancement in Italy from the Neolithic Age onwards was largely bound up with influences received directly or indirectly from central Europe, the Balkan peninsula, and the Near East. This pattern continued during the period covered in the present chapter, but with far more important consequences. Phoenician and Greek permanent settlement and commercial activity throughout the western Mediterranean brought about major economic, social, and political changes on a hitherto unparalleled scale that led to the rise of true civilization in Italy.

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