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By Jeremiah Curtin

Absolutely Illustrated. the 1st 3rd of this e-book is a travelogue which describes Curtin's Siberian trip; this can be a attention-grabbing glimpse at Tsarist Siberia prior to the Revolution. The final two-thirds of the publication is a unprecedented list of the mythology of the Buryats. there are various parts chanced on in different places via Asia and Europe similar to epic horses (and horse sacrifices), battles with giants, a World-mountain and 'the water of life', (see The Epic of Gilgamesh). There also are particular parts equivalent to heroes with oracular books embedded of their our bodies.

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Uk Table of Contents Prefatory Note Maps Chapter 1. The Birthplace Of Mongol Activity Chapter 2. My Journey To The Buriats Chapter 3. Collecting Myths Chapter 4. The Horse Sacrifice Chapter 5. Journey To The Island Of Olkhon Chapter 6. Sojourn On The "Sacred" Island Chapter 7. A Birthday In Siberia Chapter 8. Customs Of The Buriats Chapter 9. The Origin Of Shamans Chapter 10. The Gods Of The Buriats Chapter 11. Myths Connected With Mongol Religion Chapter 12. Mongol Myths And Folk-Tales Notes JEREMIAH CURTIN GOING UP THE STEPS OF MARS HILL TO THE PLACE WHERE ST.

Mahmet Kul, mentioned variously as son, brother, nephew, and relative of Kuchum, was enraged that his people should bend before Russians. He attacked those who were willing to pay tribute to Moscow, captured their wives and children, and ended by assaulting Chabúkoff while that envoy was returning to Moscow; but learning that troops on the Chusóva were preparing to attack him he fled. In 1574 the Stróganoffs, Grigori and Yákov, were granted the privilege to build posts on the Toból and Takhcha rivers; to use guns and cannon; to enlist men and employ them in warfare; to restrain every uprising; to establish iron-works and fisheries; to cultivate land on the Toból and streams flowing into it.

Though the name "Sibir" appears in Russian chronicles in 1407 for the first time, Russians knew the country east of the Ural Mountains much earlier. Southern Siberia was visited by Russian princes in the middle of the thirteenth century, when they were forced to do homage to the Grand Khan at Karakorum, his first capital, not very far to the south of Lake Baikal. Western Siberia was known as early as the eleventh century to merchants of Novgorod, who had dealings with the people of that region which they called Yugria or Ugri.

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A journey in Southern Siberia,: The Mongols, their religion and their myths by Jeremiah Curtin

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