K. Lampley's A Theological Account of Nat Turner: Christianity, Violence, PDF

By K. Lampley

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In this particular quantity, Lampley analyzes the theology of Nat Turner's violent slave uprising in juxtaposition with previous testomony perspectives of prophetic violence and Jesus' politics of violence within the New testomony and in attention of the heritage of Christian violence and the violence embedded in conventional Christian theology.

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It reflects the aims and aspirations of political beings who struggle against concrete social facts. It is likewise personal. Theology comes from the private recesses in the body, soul, and spirit. Similarly, Nat Turner’s early black theology originated from his social condition, historical environment, and personal convictions of his heart. Turner was a revolutionary manifestation of his age in the antebellum South. To understand Nat Turner as theologian and religious activist, one must first decipher his social location and historical context.

White Southern Evangelical religion sought to maintain slavery as a Christian institution while Turner moved to defeat it as the work of Satan and the kingdom of darkness. Within the African American religious tradition of protest and resistance is included the nonviolent black revolution of Dr. Martin A Portrait of Nat Turner 33 Luther King, Jr. alongside the violent black revolution of Nat Turner. While it is important to compare the nonviolent direct action of the 1960s civil rights movement to the contrasting deliberate and purposeful violence of Turner’s rebellion, it is also misleading.

His insurrection arose from the inherent violence of slavery and the deep-seated yearnings of the human spirit for freedom. In 1831, Southerners were not yet willing to give up on the institution of slavery. White Southerners viewed slavery as the natural condition of blacks. Nevertheless, they worshipped with blacks in order to keep an eye on their slaves. As a result, Turner came out of a multiracial Christian community of both blacks and whites. In fact, in his own words, Nat Turner was baptized by the Spirit alongside a white man, Etheldred T.

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