Hans J. Krappe, Reinhard Lipperheide, Institut für's Advanced Methods in the Evaluation of Nuclear Scattering PDF

By Hans J. Krappe, Reinhard Lipperheide, Institut für Kernphysik

ISBN-10: 3540159908

ISBN-13: 9783540159902

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In particular, we analyze the effect of the detectors on the qubit state during manipulations, when in real devices the qubit-detector coupling cannot be switched off completely. 2 Linear amplifiers and the master equation Three time scales characterize a quantum measurement process. 1 During a quantum measurement a detector is coupled to a qubit in such a way that the value of a macroscopic observable of the detector is influenced by the qubit's state (the charge or flux influences the output current or voltage).

R) a n d ffmt are the Hamiltonians of the qubit, the left(right) reservoir of PC and qubit-PC interaction, respectively. ej(r) are the energy levels in the left(right) reservoir, and il is the tunneling matrix element of the PC. When the upper dot is occupied (az = — 1), the tunneling current does not flow through the PC. Since our interest is in the dephasing of the qubit, we neglect the tunneling between upper and lower dots. ec pn(t)Jdt'pn(t')E(t-t'), Jo where £ is a 'self-energy' which describes the qubit-detector interactions 8 ' 9 .

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