Fançois Bancilhon; Peter Buneman (eds.)'s Advances in database programing languages PDF

By Fançois Bancilhon; Peter Buneman (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0201502577

ISBN-13: 9780201502572

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Today, several products such as Sybase (née WATCOM) SQL Anywhere have indexing that, in effect, “prejoins” tables in the same schema. A value appears once as a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraint in a base table. Then when it is in a REFERENCE as a foreign key, instead of putting a redundant copy of the value in the referencing table, we put a pointer to the referenced table’s row. Since a lot of joins are done with foreign keys to primary key, this is a real improvement in performance. The real payoff comes from being able to quickly do declarative referential integrity (DRI) actions such as a CASCADE ON UPDATE, CASCADE ON DELETE, and so forth.

Having lots of RAM helps. We can cache a lot in main memory and reduce secondary storage access. But the fundamental problem is that we are building a larger reservoir with more or less the same diameter pipe coming out of the reservoir. We have a much harder time accessing things inside the reservoir. 1 Parallelism That was 2003. articleID=197001130) after INTEL had announced a business strategy to have 100 percent of its server processors shipped with multicore processors by end of 2007. ” The current (this is written in 2007) dual-core processors are a response to success.

One or more columns hold the constants for the formula and plug them into the SQL statement that uses them. While this avoids dynamic execution, it is in many ways worse. When the formula was written in text, you could see all of it at once. Now, you have to gather the pieces of it from the table in the DDL and the statement in the DML. These kludges make new SQL programmers comfortable because they can see procedural code and they are still in that mindset. They might have done that “store and change code text on the fly” trick in an interpreted language like BASIC or one of the scripting languages.

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