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These studies gathered marital information through household and school, pedigree analysis, civil registrations and census, obstetric and hospital inpatients, as well as religious dispensations for more than 450 populations from 90 countries. 6% from Central and North America. In general, a more favorable attitude towards consanguinity is found in populations from Asia and Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, 35 to 50% of the marriages are between relatives. 1% of 25 Inbreeding and Genetic Disorder total marriages are consanguineous; with a preference for double first cousin and second cousin, even though there is a great heterogeneity among populations due to different beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

The study was carried out in 14 isolate villages on three neighboring islands in middle Dalmatia which present a wide range of levels of inbreeding and endogamy, and relative uniformity of environment so that the potential effects of inbreeding on those complex diseases may be detected. 006). An increase in disease prevalence across villages associated with an increase in average inbreeding coefficient was observed for gout, depression, peptic ulcer, schizophrenia, cancer, epilepsy, coronary heart disease, stroke and asthma (the last three not statistically significant) but not for type 2 diabetes (Table 3).

In humans, the most extreme cases of inbreeding corresponds to incestuous unions defined as mating between biological first-degree relatives; i. , father-daughter, mother-son and brother-sister. 25) in the three cases. 0156), respectively. In complex genealogies, the depth of the pedigree is very important for the computation of the inbreeding coefficient. , 2004). This is due to the fact that recent inbreeding events have a disproportionately large influence on an individualĀ“s inbreeding coefficient relative to events deeper in the pedigree.

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