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Old ROME: AN ILLUSTRATED historical past holds over 164 pages filled with aspect for a similar age staff, with colour pictures of relics paired with illustrations of the most likely historical Rome settings for optimum influence. A best advice.

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With the encouragement of Mithridates, the people of Asia turned on their oppressors and massacred some 80,000 Italian residents. In Rome, the senate gave Sulla command of the forces preparing to go east to confront Mithridates, even though Marius had been hoping for the appointment. Marius was not popular with the senate, but he had plenty of support from the equites and the popular party, including the tribune Publius Sulpicius. The result was civil war. Marching on Rome This bust, made around 50 BCE, depicts the Roman dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla.

Other agitation for reform came from a group of senators who were political enemies of Cato. Tiberius Gracchus had a distinguished military record. He fought in the Third Punic War and was said to have been the first Roman soldier to scale the wall of Carthage in the battle that destroyed the city in 146 BCE. During the Spanish Wars of 154 to 133 BCE, when the native tribes sought to free themselves from Roman oppression, Tiberius served as quaestor to the Roman army in Spain. In 137 BCE, he saved 20,000 defeated Roman troops from slaughter by negotiating with the victorious city of Numantia.

All Rights Reserved. The two sides met in October at the Battle of Zama. Hannibal’s new recruits fled, and his veterans were cut down by the cavalry of the Romans’ African ally, Masinissa. The Carthaginian army was almost totally destroyed, but Hannibal was one of the few survivors. Scipio’s victory at Zama brought the Second Punic War to an end and earned him the title Africanus the Elder. The death of Hannibal Under the peace treaty signed between Carthage and Rome in 201 BCE, Carthage was required to yield Spain to Rome, dismantle its fleet, and pay the sum of 10,000 gold talents over 50 years.

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